Understand the Middle East conflict
          (even if you don’t have a background in history or religion)

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Holy Land:
the land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea that figures strongly in the history and tradition of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
the area centered on the modern state of Israel but including also the area called  Palestine, southern Lebanon and southern Syria, western Jordan, and the Sinai Peninsula.

   Holy Land, Whose Land?
     Modern Dilemma, Ancient Roots
   By Dorothy Drummond
     2nd Ed. Revised, 2004, paper, $17.95 isbn 0974823-2-5
     1st Ed. 2002, Reissued 2004, cloth, $19.00 isbn 0974823-1-7
     Published by Fairhurst Press, Terre Haute, Indiana

In Holy Land, Whose Land? you'll learn:

  • Why Israelis and Palestinians claim the same bit of Middle East real estate.
  • Why the status of Jerusalem is the toughest issue of all.
  • Why Al Qaeda has co-opted the Holy Land conflict, and why this conflict was behind 9/11.
  • How Abraham gets into the picture.
  • The pivotal role of Jesus Christ and Muhammed in history.
  • The significance of the Dome of the Rock, and the Kaabah.
  • The Quran (Koran), Islam, and the meaning of "jihad".
  • Who is a Jew, an Israeli, a Palestinian, an Arab.

As you read Holy Land, Whose Land? you’ll understand what’s behind the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and why it is now a world-wide issue. Its roots are deep. They run through:

  • Three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Arab conquests
  • The Crusades
  • The Ottoman Turks and the British, in Palestine
  • Jewish persecution in history
  • Zionism and Jewish settlement in Palestine
  • The birth of modern Israel
  • Arab anger, and the struggle for a Palestinian state

If you’re looking for a one-sided view, or an account written chiefly for scholars, stop reading now.

But if you’re looking for an unbiased account, sprinkled with the author’s experiences,

-  if you want to understand the mind of both Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land,
-  if you believe that the quest for Middle East peace starts with understanding,

read the book that is

-  used on college campuses and at West Point.
-  written by a Middle East Expert who has authored four world cultures texts.
-  widely acclaimed for its readability, and its unbiased approach.

“…traces the complex history of the Holy Land in an accessible style…solid research and thoughtful personal reflections.”    Rep. Lee Hamilton, Co-Chair, 9/11 Commission

“…a ‘must read’ for anyone who seeks to understand…the Middle
East today.”    
Midwest Book Review

“A valuable contribution to understanding a complex, bloodstained issue…This is one road map that is easy to follow .”   Doug Esser, Associated Press