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Reviews and Comments

Holy Land, Whose Land? Modern Dilemma, Ancient Roots by Dorothy Drummond (former president of the National Council for Geographic Education) is a solid, carefully researched, deftly written, issues oriented examination of the lands of Jerusalem and Israel, the bloody strife that rends them today, and the lengthy, tangled, troubled history of their past. Drummond offers both a critical analysis of current tensions and an introspective study of history since Biblical times that is unusually accessible to the non-specialist general reader. Holy Land, Whose Land? is a ‘must-read’ for anyone who seeks to better understand the tragedy of contemporary international events taking place in the Middle East today.”
 -- Small Press Bookwatch, The Midwest Book Review

"Drummond traces the complex history of the Holy Land over four millennia in an intelligent and accessible style. Her solid research and thoughtful personal reflections underscore that the Israeli-Palestinian confict can only be resolved through the arduous, step-by-step search for peace."
 -- Representative Lee Hamilton, Director, Woodrow Wilson Institute for Scholars; Co-Chair, 9/11 Commission

"Holy Land, Whose Land?, a scholarly yet genuinely personalized account, is both a description of the present and an explanation of how this tortured landscape has survived as a religious and cultural mosaic of worldwide significance. Dorothy Drummond speaks...with the ease of a gifted tour guide and the presence of a scientifically grounded professional teacher. Holy Land, Whose Land? is both lively and well-focused."
 -- Ralph K. Allen, in The Professional Geographer

"Every serious person wants to have a better understanding of the Middle East and of the unholy Holy Land, the focal point of international troubles. For the general reader, there is no better introduction than Dorothy Drummond, Holy Land, Whose Land? Dorothy Drummond writes in an engaging way for the ordinary reader. This book should please both the general reader and the scholar. I urge WAISers either to acquire the book or recommend it to their local library and schools."
 -- Ronald Hilton, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; President, World Association of International Studies

"Without being partisan [Drummond] introduces almost all the players and presents all the scenes of history that have resulted in the conflict that is causing so much bloodshed today in the region."  
 -- Aharon ben Anshel, The Jewish Press

"Holy Land, Whose Land? [presents] the importance of the Holy Land to Jews, Christians, and Muslims without prejudice. The author [makes a] genuine attempt to be unbiased in that she blames all sides for mistakes made."
 -- Zaineb Istrabadi, Associate Director of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Indiana University

"Holy Land, Whose Land? makes a valuable contribution to understanding a complex, bloodstained issue....Drummond adds a personal dimension with on-the-ground observations from her travels...[This] is one road map that is easy to follow."
 --Doug Esser, Associated Press

"A readable and important insight into what created today's Middle East tensions."
 -- [The late] Senator Paul Simon

"Dorothy Drummond [has written] an even-handed primer on the Middle East, its history and the situation there today...Holy Land, Whose Land? is packed with information. If you feel uninformed about the Middle East and want to become knowledgeable, this is the place to start."
 -- Sally Weeks, Champaign-Urbana News Gazette

"Drummond's book brilliantly and effectively traces the evolution of Jewish and Palestinian political and social interactions. With its abundance of maps, graphs, and photos, it serves well as one of three case study texts I use for my classes in Human Geography. Each assigned group of chapters provokes lively and thoughtful class discussion."
 -- Jose Lopez, University of Minnesota at Mankato

"Holy Land, Whose Land? is a timely primer for anyone who wants to begin understanding the triggers of the turmoil....[Drummond] allows readers to gain clarity about cause and effect in one of the most complex political and religious standoffs in the world today."
 -- Rick Farrant, Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette

"Fascinating...weaves history, travel, and crisis into a tapestry of understanding and hope."
 -- David Beckmann, President, Bread for the World

"Dorothy Drummond...has written a terrific book...a primer on the Holy Land, interspersed with her own impressions of the sites she visits....All the historical information she presents is relevant to today's headlines. Perhaps most impressive of all is that objective, [giving] equal treatment to the viewpoints of all sides."
 -- William P. Warford, Antelope Valley Press

"There are many, many people who have no idea about the historical significance of the geography [and history] of the [Holy Land]. For these readers Dorothy Drummond's Holy Land, Whose Land? should prove enlightening. Drummond is to be commended for undertaking such an ambitious project."
 -- Norman Goldman, Rebecca Reads

"Drummond masterfully unravels the reasons why these conflicts have developed. Holy Land, Whose Land? provides a broad understanding and respect for diversity, a respect that could bring sanity to an insane repeat of history."
 -- Mark Kane, Founding Director, Institute for Global Education

"....The author...does an excellent job of not taking sides in what is a very divisive issue. To get an idea of the history of the Middle East before Israel's independence and even before Zionism, this book is the place to start."
 -- Paul Lappen, Under the Covers

"[Holy Land, Whose Land?] will prove useful long after a first reading, because of the comprehensive series of maps and the several [glossaries]. The book is a source for reference as news reports continue daily. Its uncomplicated style makes for easy reading on a complicated subject."
 -- Robert J. Marshall, President Emeritus, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

"Holy Land, Whose Land? outlines the complex and volatile mix of history, religion, and politics that fuels the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....It covers 4000 years of history and is interwoven with accounts of her travels in the Holy Land. Drummond's book is the story of the people who live in the Holy Land -- Jews and Arabs -- who bear the weight of ancient injustices and grim everyday realities."
 -- Morgan Jarema, Grand Rapids Press

"Throughout the book, Drummond is as even-handed as it is possible to be. She leans toward neither the Jews nor the Arabs."
 -- John C. Fink, Indianapolis Star

"People who write about the Middle East conflict usually take sides, but not Dorothy Drummond...Her book Holy Land, Whose Land? provides a neutral backdrop for the region's troubles."
 -- Betty Webb, East Valley and Scottsdale (AZ) Tribune

"Drummond's [Holy Land, Whose Land?] is easy to read and understand. She interjects personal notes of what she actually sees during her travels to the Holy Land, bringing a modern perspective to historical sites. Drummond's book is appropriate and timely. It is recommended to those interested in the history of the Holy Land, in the conflicts of the Middle East, and as a traveler's guide of sorts."
 -- Br. Benet Exton, O.S.B, for

"Few questions resonate with the force and widespread interest of the title of Dorothy Drummond's book. In an objective and scholarly, but eminently readable, history, Holy Land, Whose Land? presents a thorough and useful background for understanding the Middle East crisis."
 -- Susan Bradford, Palos Verde Peninsula News

"If you want to gain a better understanding of the Middle East conundrum, turn to Holy Land, Whose Land?, which presents a neutral examination of a complex subject. Drummond shows how politics, history, tradition, philosophy, religion, and geography have come together to create this imbroglio."
 -- Lynn Israel, Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune

"Holy Land, Whose Land? is a felicitous blend of personal experience, geography, and history in a succinct account of the ancient and modern roots of the contest for Palestine."
 -- F. Robert Hunter, Chair, Department of History, Indiana State University

"In Holy Land, Whose Land? Drummond...grips the attention of the reader and holds it through the last page, [as she] deals with the quagmire of the Middle East crisis."
 -- Patricia Pastore, Terre Haute Tribune-Star

"The book is a scholarly masterpiece explaining a complicated subject in a clear and organized fashion...It is a good beginning point for the uninitiated and deserves several readings to absorb the many factual details. I highly recommend this book."
 -- Barbara Keller, Centenary Sentinel

"Where exactly is the Holy Land, who owns it, and why has there been conflict over it since the beginning of time? Dorothy Drummond sets out to enlighten us with a broad overview of this eternal conflict. [Holy Land, Whose Land?] is an accessible, readable, no-frills tour through the land and its history."
 -- Rebecca Brown, Rebecca Reads

"Ideal for students and other non-specialists, this resource attempts to bring understanding to the current conflict in the Middle East by surveying both the currentstatus and the 4000 years of religion, conquest, and politics that make the situation so unique. The volume provides photographs, maps, glossaries, and an extensive index."
 -- Church and Society

"Dorothy Drummond has done a great job of presenting four thousand years of history in the Holy Land and demonstrating it's lasting impact on our modern world. But, this work is much more than just a history book: the role of geography, religion, and politics is equally well represented in explaining the past and present in the Holy Land. The author has also included a number of her travel experiences in the Holy Land that add a personal touch to the book. Numerous maps and a glossary help the reader to connect people, places, and events. The author's completely unbiased treatment of the region's religions and cultures allows readers to form their own views and perspectives of the region's history and current events."
 -- Rob Streeter, Plano, Texas

"Holy Land, Whose Land? is a highly readable account of the history and peoples of the Holy Land from pre-history to the present time. The book is made even more interesting by being interspersed with first-hand observations from [the author's] travels. It is generously supplied with maps, glossaries, photos and a sidebar chronology. Drummond's book is surely a must-read, especially as it sheds light on the current tragic situation in the Holy Land."
 -- M. Bruning, Terre Haute, Indiana